Arrowhead Scholarship Fund also offers scholarships for students with a variety of disabilities who wish to enter a field requiring a degree or training from a technical college. These scholarships provide a stepping stone and open the door to receive that training in one of the technical fields.

These scholarships:

  • Provide support to those facing a financial barrier to attending college
  • Encourage students to attend to technical college to improve their marketability and earning potential
  • Recognize the important contributions that careers in the trades play in our world

Please consider donating to these important scholarships. Students with disabilities too often do not recognize their full potential given their skills. They favor playing it safe with entry level jobs they know rather than expanding their horizons on potential careers. Contributing to this scholarship will prompt upward mobility within this population of students often not recognized for their potential contributions to society.


Receiving the scholarship was a pivotal moment that truly opened the doors for my college journey. The scholarship has been a catalyst for personal and academic growth, enabling me to explore my interests and passions. Without this crucial support, the doors to higher education might have remained closed and I am immensely grateful for the chance to pursue my college aspirations with confidence and enthusiasm.

Joe Renn
Class of 2023

Donate online using the form below, or mail your check, payable to Arrowhead Scholarship Fund, to:

Student Services Technical School Scholarships
c/o Arrowhead Scholarship Fund
P.O. Box 462
Hartland, WI  53029

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