Honoring Achievement

students-2019Arrowhead Scholarship Fund (ASF) is a nonprofit organization that works with individuals, businesses and community organizations to provide Arrowhead High School seniors with scholarships for higher education at two- and four-year institutions. Since 1958, we have honored the achievements of well-rounded students who:

  • excel in academics
  • participate in high school activities
  • contribute to our community through volunteerism
  • begin developing work experience
  • are leaders among their peers.

Our mission is to a provide an opportunity for the community, parents and past alumni to give back to the Arrowhead High School community. By matching outstanding students with generous community scholarships, we able to help students achieve their education goals and become successful, generous and productive members of our communities.

ASF awards more than $90,000 in scholarships annually to more than 100 of Arrowhead High School’s future leaders. With help from individuals and businesses, our goal is to grow the fund so that more of our 500+ graduates can be recognized for their achievements. See our 2024 list of scholarships and recipients here! 2024 ASF Awards

Board of Directors

ASF was founded in 1958 by dedicated community members who were committed to investing in our community’s future leaders. Today, the organization continues to be run by volunteers devoted to honoring the achievements of Arrowhead High School students and helping them achieve their education goals.

  • President: Abbie Holland
  • Vice President/Scholarship Chairperson: Emily Pfeiffer
  • Secretary: Katie Andrew
  • Treasurer: Tricia Wilson
  • Past President/Co-Founder/Board Member Emeritus: Patrick Noll
  • Marketing Chairperson: AVAILABLE POSITION
  • Events Chairperson: AVAILABLE POSITION
  • Members at Large: Karen Fickel, Jackie Lentz
  • Arrowhead High School Liaison: Adam Kurth

"It's great to know my efforts in high school were recognized not only by the colleges I applied to, but by you, the generous donors of Arrowhead Scholarship Fund. Thank you for helping me further educate myself and achieve my goal of becoming a doctor!"

Joey Hassler, University of Alabama

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